VTS understands the challenges of providing transportation services because many of our employees and managers were once transportation providers. As a transportation broker, we know that it requires reliable transportation providers to deliver safe and timely transportation experiences for program members. To foster a culture of excellence, VTS provides leadership, support, and technology to the transportation providers in our network.

VTS contracts with a variety of NEMT providers to deliver a range of transportation services within the programs we serve.  Ambulatory, wheelchair, stretcher, and in some programs Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) transport services are often needed to meet a variety of NEMT needs. Qualified transportation providers are invited to contract with VTS in areas where there is a need for transportation resources.


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Looking to join our network as a Transportation Provider? If so, please view the checklist below for items required to become a provider. Then click here to fill out our online Request for Qualifications Form.


NEMT is a service that is provided to Arkansas Medicaid Members who require transportation assistance to Medicaid-billable healthcare services and have no other means of transportation.
  • All interested transportation providers must complete and submit a Request for Qualifications Form, as well as driver and vehicle lists. 
  • Verida will review applications to determine if there is a need for new transportation providers in the region where the applicant is located.
  • If a need exists within your service area, Verida will contact you for an interview and request that you proceed with Step 2 of the application process.

If a need exists for transportation services in the proposed area, Verida will request additional documentation to determine if your company meets Verida’s NEMT provider contracting requirements.

  • The additional areas of documentation include, but are not limited to, the following:
    •  Current business license
    •  Verification of liability insurance coverage
    •  Driver credentials
    •  Current criminal background checks for all drivers
    •  Current drug screens for all owners and drivers
    •  Current motor vehicle driving report for all drivers

Contact your local Provider Relations Manager to get detailed information about insurance requirements in your state. Here is a general overview:

1) Name and address is correct

2) Confirmation of A- or Better Insurance Carrier(s)

3) List of vehicles covered under auto policy

4) Confirm GL policy number

a) $1 M SAM coverage with $2M aggregate

b) Effective date, expiration date, and coverage

5) Auto liability policy number

a) Effective date, expiration date, and coverage

b) “All Owned, Hired, and Non-Owned” coverage


Click here if you need assistance with your iPads or using the Provider Portal. Tech support is standing by.